About Us
Live like a Queen  
Laugh like no one is watching  Love yourself because you're beautiful

     Queen Bee Boutique was created so that all women could afford beautiful, extraordinary clothing, and accessories. We lovingly and joyfully put all our time and efforts in choosing quality fashion forward clothes 

and sparkly jewelry for women of all ages. We both grew up with a 

Queen Bee mother and grandmother who also loved wearing unique 

clothes and jewelry. It was our fate to open up our own boutique! 

We enjoy making women feel and look beautiful inside and out! 

Let out your inner queen and be a Queen Bee! 


 Dawn and Barbara

Here are Dawn and Barbara all ready for Santa 
and already future Queen Bees!
Here is our beautiful mother, Barbara.  She was always in style and handed down the "Queen Bee" gene to us!
Here is our beautiful grand-mom looking 
like a "Queen Bee" in the 1940's!
The next generation of "Queen Bees"
Nicole, Noelle and Barbara